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Of course. What married couple doesn't have "discussions" as Brad likes to call them ...

empty  nesters bud light dilly dilly

Brad and I have learned some very important things though, when it comes to arguing (I mean discussing) over the years. Certain phrases/words the other likes to use are off limits. We try not to use these expressions at anytime unless we want to start a "discussion"!!

Brad does not like when I say, "Well , Well, Well." I don't know why but he says it's like fingernails on a chalkboard to him. I truly have no idea why it bothers him but since my list is longer than his ........

"Dilly Dilly" has become one of my phrases that if Brad says one more time, I will strangle him. Since he wants to live a long life he refrains most of the time.

We have also discovered over the years it's best not to argue in front of others, especially friends. Even if we have been fighting til the second we meet others we make a truce. We stop fighting for as long as we are with friends. We can resume after, but inevitably we forget what we have been fighting about (it happens more than we care to admit). So we let it go.

Letting something go is a lot harder than it seems in an empty nest.

It's just us. No kids. That's when we realize, we better really let it go or get a dog!!

empty nesters dog licking face

Happy Empty Nesting!!!

*Disclaimer: This blog was previously published but know you will like a second time, if you remember. :)

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