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"Vacation Clothes". I assumed everyone knew about "vacation clothes". But I was wrong Let me explain.

We all know Brad loves to buy clothes.

*Refer to Blogs: Brad and his clothes Part 1 written on June 21, 2016 and Brad and his clothes Part 2 on July 6, 2016.

To further complicate this fact, I decided that in 2018, I was going to become a minimalist in all aspects of my life. Brad thought this would be impossible for me and I knew the reason why. He was holding me back. I love Brad but the amount of clothes he has was/is not helping my new minimalistic lifestyle.

But then we went on vacation. And I had an epiphany. Vacation Clothes.

I am always looking for creative ways to donate/throw out some of Brad's old t-shirts/shorts, etc. without Brad realizing it. But there were so many and I was drowning in his sport league shirts that I could not get rid of (donate) them fast enough.

If you read my blog you know Brad believes (and so do I) that he is the next "over 50" LeBron James (*see Blog Post on February 29, 2016 Brad Hacker or Dwayne Wade. ) As a result, he has lots of basketball league shirts. I mean lots.

Vacation Clothes became the solution to my situation.

On our most recent vacation, I knew it would be the perfect time to wear "our" clothes one last time before he (we) had to say good bye to them. He (we) packed all our clothes that he (we) had held on for too long. We each chose items of each other (yes I took part) that we could not look at any more. We left them (underwear was thrown out) in the hotels with a note to please donate them. No regrets. We were embracing the "vacation clothes" idea.

As simple as this scheme seems, we did have one glitch though. One hotel called after we checked out and said we left lots of items in our room. We told them they were to be donated. Not sure they understood about "Vacation Clothes???"

And then I had a thought, what if they don't want our vacation clothes???

So, if anyone is ever in Israel or Spain (or anywhere) and sees someone wearing a bright neon orange DPJCC basketball shirt. Smile and take a pic. Brad would want to know.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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