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Communication is key in every good relationship or so they say. Everyone always says that to make a marriage work you must communicate. But we all know how Brad would like a "little less conversation" in our empty nest.


One problem with a little less conversation though, is that Brad always reminds me he is not a mind reader. I should spell things out for him. Not so easy if I am supposed to talk less. Even though I am a mind reader now (surprise), I was not early in our marriage.

For example, when Brad and I were first dating and falling for each other, everything we said was fascinating to the other. We liked whatever each other liked, even if we really didn't. I can't tell you how many sporting events I attended under false pretenses. But truth be told, Brad paid dearly for the lack of communication early on in our relationship.

When we were dating, I bought theater tickets for us. Thinking we should put some "culture" into our relationship. Sounds good (sort of) but the tickets were for Sunday matinee. It was football season. So you all know where this is going. Theater tickets on NFL Sunday is not a good thing. Except how would I know that??!!

Our relationship had not withstood a fall football season yet. Brad never mentioned my goof because he was crazy in love. At least that is what he told me. I never knew it was an issue until the last show (Phantom of the Opera) in December. His dad called to discuss a game which Brad knew nothing about (TIVO was not around yet - shows our age I know.) I will not repeat what name my father-in-law called him

That was the last time I have ever made plans on Football Sunday (or Saturday or Monday or Thursday during football season.)

Brad made me put in our wedding vows.

Now we all know why I blog. It's so Brad knows what I am thinking...

I already know what he is thinking.

Happy Empty Nesting.

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