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Without sounding preachy (according to Brad this sometimes happens), getting away from our normal routine and schedules (and "to do" list) is an immediate relationship refresher for emptynestersfinally.

If you are not an empty nester yet and even if you are, you might feel as though since you are "alone" in your house you don't need to get away. But you do, you really do and it does not have to be a major vacation. A mini vacation is truly all you need. I know this is not a revelation but I never really bought into a mini vacation. I always believed that if you were less than 3 hours away from your home you could still stop by Whole Foods. But you are away, trust me.

With no laundry to do or things for Brad to build or juices to drink we were able to forget about the little things.

Brad and I were transformed into Vacation Brad and Vacation Karen without getting on a plane.

One of the differences between Brad and I is that Brad can relax instantaneously if he is not at work. I on the other hand need to be removed from all situations that might require my input. LOL

This past weekend though, Brad and I decided to stay at the hotel where we were attending a wedding. Even though it was only 45 minutes away, we felt like we had travelled hours. I was definitely feeling relaxed and because we were close to home we did not feel obligated to do any thing touristy.

We ate, drank and did not even need an Uber. We felt reenergized even after dancing all night at the wedding.

I thought the best part of staying at the hotel was just going up to our room after the party but for Brad it was the brunch the next day. Another difference between Brad and I. We all have our priorities.

Brad was in such bliss after this weekend, I got him to stop at Nordstrom on the way home (vacation was over.) And I did not even have to buy him anything!!

Take a mini vacation - its worth the trip.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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