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Has anyone missed Emptynestersfinally??? I hope so cause I am back!! I will squash the rumors right now, Brad and I did not go to Mars on the SpaceX rocket

Unfortunately, since I did not keep up with anything emptynestersfinally related I need to catch up. But fortunately for me not much as been going on in the nest You can always count on me though to be able to find things about Brad (I mean us) to comment on and share. I did manage to find the one and only picture of us from the past 30 days. Even during tax season you can smile ...

emptynestersfinally with Rio

In the past, I would never have described myself as procrastinator but I would definitely use that word to describe me now. I told myself and of course Brad (he probably did not hear me .... its tax season) that I would never go more than 3 days without having a social media post but its been since March 11 that I posted on Instagram post while March 13 was my last Facebook post and Youtube Video. And I am horrified to admit that my most recent blog was on February 26...

What was I thinking? I have read enough How to Blog Effectively books that I knew if I was not consistent then it would be #outta sight outta mind.

Some loyal readers did contact me and wanted to know what was happening. Had Brad and I moved? Did "emptynestersfinally" website expire? Was there nothing else for emptynestersfinally to talk about (Really??) Had Brad stopped being funny?

I had no reasonable answer except that it was tax season. For Brad (and all other accountants) it's an acceptable answer but for me well I needed to own it. I could say that I did not have any inspiration since Brad was working 24/7 (except on Wednesday nights to play in the Mellow Yellow basketball league-we all have our priorities.) What if 2 more people had to go on extensions??!!

But the truth is .. emptynestersfinally got very low on my totem pole (we love totem poles) of priorities. I would like to say it will never happen again but stuff happens. I do promise to myself and to you all to continue writing till forever or if I win the lottery. Whichever comes first.

Happy Empty Nesting!

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