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Brad was not originally my inspiration for this blog (who knew?). After much thought and bribery (lol), I realized that I needed to rethink my formula for a successful empty nest and blog.

For emptynestersfinally to be a success, it could not be about how I was handling this phase of our life but how we were navigating empty nesting. It does not hurt that he (we) never cease to amaze me (us) how entertaining he (we) are.

He is a full participant in everything emptynestersfinally related, although contrary to popular belief he does not write the blogs. He does pose for all my crazy pictures no matter how ridiculous they appear. And just when I think there is nothing to write about he provides me with all the material I need.

I guess you could call him my muse.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

We are on youtube now. emptynestersfinally - a new way to watch Brad and I figure out this whole empty nesting phase. Happy Valentine's Day!

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