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Emptynestersfinally 2017 Year in Review PART ONE OF THREE

I know everyone has been very patient (or not) waiting for my next blog. So I promise to not disappoint. Since one of my most favorite things to do (sorry Brad) is to make lists. Need To Do lists, Want to Do Lists, Lists of Accomplishments, Lists of Books to Read, Things to Buy, Things to Do to Be a Better Wife and Mother (Lane and Drew no input needed) etc.

So it should not surprise anyone that for my last 3 blogs of 2017 , I am planning on doing a Top 10 Emptynestersfinally countdown (we all remember Casey Kasem)!! I love to summarize my (our) lives and relive moments. So here it goes but in no particular order .......

10. 😱 #CHANGE4THEBETTER: I thought I was going to start a national movement (delusional) but I could not even start a emptynestersfinally movement. Brad broke up with Dr. Oz's 7 minute morning exercise (he stopped in July) . And Nordstrom, Uniglo and others and I did not break up (we actually have a much stronger relationship now) .

January is 2 weeks away maybe I will try again even though Brad has already said he is not in.

9. 👍 I (Karen) have a facebook page and Emptynestersfinally has its own facebook page. Finally. Still figuring out all the technical aspects of having a business page but Kudos to me. I still need friends and likes if emptynestersfinally is ever going to make money. So like me, be my friend, or follow me. I promise you will be rewarded.

8. Gardening and getting enough Vitamin D became important to us. We live in South Florida so you would think this was a no brainer but we need to mull things over a bit before we take any action. Karen's Kitchen Kafe (catchy name) was farm to table and Brad was loving every minute or so he said. We were eating kale, beets, swiss chard and so much from my garden that my Whole Foods bill went way down and our money tree was starting to bloom again

Brad was happy and he was eating better (but not a regular flosser). Win-Win.-Lose

Stay tuned for the remaining Top Ten 2017 Memories for

Happy Empty Nesting and Happy Holidays!

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