I have not posted in awhile but I have a very good reason. I have a brand new redesigned website. Same name just everything else is different (similar to "New Coke" lol if you remember this).

I tried and I tried to recreate emptynestersfinally.com on the computer how I visualized the site in my brain. It took a long time and it was quite a humbling experience when I finally realized I could not do it alone and I needed help. I searched high and low and found an incredible person (more on that later) who knew so much and was able to turn my vision for emptynestersfinally into a reality. I am so excited that emptynestersfinally.com - is live again!!

Please check it out and when you see the name of the company that created my new website, send it to me in the comment section. We are having a special drawing in honor of new and revised emptynestersfinally.com (and if you have already won this year you are still eligible - Yahoo!)

Look for more tips, hacks and stories of how Brad and I are entertaining ourselves as emptynesters. Heads up. Brad and I took ballroomdancing lessons. Did not go well. Sometimes no matter how great a Groupon seems ......

Anyway, you might be wondering (hopefully the thought crossed your mind but if not let me think that it did) how Brad and I have been keeping busy during this "under construction" time. Family time was definitely involved. Some pictures for your viewing pleasure....

Also some home renovations (more on that later too). BTW none of those colors won the contest.

Thanks for reading. Get ready for so much more from emptynestersfinally.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

Don't forget to go on the website (emptynestersfinally.com - in case you forgot) and use the comment section to tell me who designed it to win. Contest ends on November 8. Drawing on November 9.

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