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Since a lot of my subscribers have been hit by either Harvey or Irma (including me), I am going to try and make you laugh by answering some of your "dying to know" questions.

I get questions in person, online, on my website or through facebook messaging (bet the boys did not know I could figure that out), but I digress.

Here are the answers to your most burning questions:

1. Is it different when Lane comes home now?

Of course. It felt like it was overnight that he went from a "me" to an "us". Marriage definitely suits Lane and it couldn't make us prouder.

And he bought a house so I guess our house is the house he grew up in not "his" house. (I am tearing but they are good tears). Even though Lane and Drew love each other (fingers crossed), most times Drew can't walk by Lane without touching him. Lane definitely shows more restraint now but that doesn't stop Drew from trying again and again. We all remember the 2016 "Slap Fight". See November 18, 2016 Blog (Emptynester, Parent or Referee).

2. Is living at the Hacker house different now that Drew is home for a bit?

Totally. If you are not my Instagram friend, first of all, be one (@emptynestersfinally) but if you are not then you do not know that dinner time at the Hacker house must be a 5 course meal. I need to know the dinner menu by lunch time so Drew can figure out what he should have for lunch. See a daily text exchange between Drew and us below.

I was explaining (not complaining - as some would say) and an individual (who shall remain nameless) said Drew was right!!! He was validated. But It truly doesn't matter because this will continue on and believe it or not I find it entertaining and am glad he takes an interest in our meals. I sometimes fail (like last night) so I am definitely stepping it up Chicken tacos tonight. While we did try to do a weekly

menu on Sunday - we forgot about football and its importance in the Hacker house. So that got tabled til after the Super Bowl.

3. Is Brad a/k/a Brad the Builder really handy in the house?

I can't answer that cause it is too personal. JK (the boys are probably cringing right now).

Brad takes on every project with great enthusiasm which makes it fun for him and a blog for me. Most times he accomplishes everything he starts but sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances.

Brad blames the fiasco with the washing machine on the man in the you tube video. But I got a new washing machine and If

I would have called a repairman he would have just fixed it. Win for me.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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