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Brad and I have an agreement. Certain (most) things are under my control and others he has the ultimate say. This has worked out quite well for the better part of 25 years. Hurricanes come under his domain. When it comes to hurricanes Brad is an accountant by day and Hurricane Slayer by night.

Brad is a fantastic accountant so one would be surprised to see how well he fights natural disasters. I bet if he put on a cape he could fly too :). What most don't know was that Brad's father was a Hurricane Hunter in the Korean War (great trivia question) so it runs in his blood.

I am writing this as we are getting our house hurricane ready. This definitely ranks as one of Brad's top 10 things to do. When Lane asked Brad to help him with his shutters I don't think Brad could have been any prouder or happier.

He called me to bring his hurricane supplies (gloves, screwdrivers, etc....) so he would be prepared ..... And he was.

During most hurricanes though there comes a point when I have to talk Brad and explain that he is not a Caped Crusader and he can not climb buildings like Spiderman. This time though he thought he had out smarted me. But I knew something was up when I did not hear Lane, Drew or Brad using any unsavory words. It got very quiet. It was like they were WWE wrestling again and they were 5 and 9 and Brad was the referee. I went upstairs cause deep down I knew something was wrong and this is what I found

Drew holding Brad out the window. WTF! Brad was sitting on the window sill. He really did think he was Batman.

So I held my breath, took a picture and walked out of the room. When I asked him about it later he said it was for Lane and Sarah. He needed to protect them.

So with grateful tears (as well as angry tears) I gave him a kiss and told him he owes me a foot rub.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

PS Brad really does want to be a super hero,

but his choice is the Flash!

and Stay safe in the storm

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