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Brad loves to pack and for the most he is very good at it (more on that later). I mean he really loves to pack. When we first met I never would have imagined that packing would have been something he enjoyed but then again I never would have thought he would like show tunes either.

It all began even before we met. His father also loved to pack and was an excellent packer (and dishwasher loader- more on that later) and passed those talents down to Brad (sort of). I think his dad would be proud (for the most part). I know I am repeating myself but let me explain.


1. Count the bags when you leave the house and then again once they are in the car and not to overemphasize a point, but count again when you are checking in at the airport (although it will be too late.) We learned the hard way (3x). On a trip to Dallas when the boys were young, when we get to baggage claim and realized that the boys did not have any luggage. We would be in Dallas for a week - needless to say the boys got a lot of new clothes that trip. The second time this happened, we were going to Disney and when we got to our hotel, I realized I did not have any toiletries (I will own this one) so CVS got a lot of our money that trip. Upon our arrival home, the bag was sitting by the front door. UGH!! We obviously don't learn from our past mistakes since we did it again. This time we were going to North Carolina in the winter and Lane and Brad had to share clothes since someone's clothes were left out of the suitcases.

2. Use a plastic bag for your unmentionables. For some bizarre reason (truly have no idea), I did this once on a trip and it made a huge difference (just ask Brad). When we retrieved our bags they were soaked. When we got to the hotel and unpacked all of Brad's underwear was wet, really wet. Mine was dry, really dry. So from now on I always use plastic bags and Brad still doesn't. Next time I will take pictures, promise.

3. Share bags. Brad and I don't have separate bags. We each put our belongings in all the bags. We know people that have their own bags and things don't always end well. When a bag gets lost (and it will) at least you will have some clothes in the other bag. So Brad's happy no excuse for me to go shopping.

4. If you are going to take every bathroom shampoo, body lotion etc. (Brad) pack it in a laundry bag from hotel (they come in handy) and don't bring on the plane. I can't emphasize that enough - Don't bring on the plane or be prepared to be pulled aside at security and have them thrown away in front of you as other passengers are watching and the tears are streaming down your face. All while the TSA agent is asking you why do you need all these - don't you have a CVS by your house??

So those are some of our packing tips. They work well when we abide by them but things happen ....

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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