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When Lane was born, Brad and I had so many dreams and wishes for him.

We wanted him to be healthy of course and for him to strive for the stars and achieve his goals. We wanted him to know that life is a lot of luck and will throw him many curveballs but you still try to hit them out of the ballpark (Brad said if I use sports analogies for this post I get to choose next movie). We also explained that he will not always be the smartest in the room or Michael Jordan (#2) on the courts .

But he will always know that we will have his back no matter what. We will be his biggest fans (#3). He will definitely make mistakes and fumble the ball (#4) but by learning from his mistakes it will make him a better person. We wanted him to realize that life is a pretty humbling experience. Everything will not always go his way.

Brad and I had a lot of help and we were very lucky that Lane was an incredible child with very few exceptions (Homecoming 2007 and 1st grade Olive Garden field trip - his stories to tell) .

What I think every parent wants (I obviously can't speak for all parents but I think I can generalize on this) is that their children are healthy, happy and find success (whatever that means to them) in whatever they choose to do but also to know that someone(s) has their back always.

Lane got very lucky and so did we when Sarah and him became a "team" (#5 - I know grasping now but ..)

Sarah's family has given Lane so much love that now Brad and I feel as though we hit a home run (#6) even though we can not take credit for the scouting or recruitment (#7) of Sarah!

Happy Emptynesting!!!

PS Brad is going to get watch Love Actually again. Hooray!!

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