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Empty Nesters and their New Friends (or You are Never too Old to Make New Friends)

Lane and Sarah have incredible friends that are so nice and like Brad and I (or least seem like they do - :)). Lane, Sarah, Drew and their friends have included us in so many activities that we feel as though not only did we get a daughter, we inherited all Sarah's friends and Lane's new friends. In fact, Brad now thinks we are much "cooler" than we were a year ago ( I know otherwise LOL) cause Lane's "old" friends know the real truth about us.

We are so not cool. We go to sleep by 10 much to Drew's chagrin (no one to beat in backgammon).

It does feel really good though when your kids' friends like you or at least don't think you are crazy, nuts, or raving lunatics. I think we pass the test on those (at least most).

And it is one of the nicest compliments when our kids invite us to hang out with them and their friends!!!. I usually ride Brad's coat tails but sometimes I am the lucky one and get in the picture.

Brad likes to think that our kids would like to be with us every day but I am not that naive. Lane and Sarah, I promise to get Dad to stop driving up and down your street hoping you come out (lol) .

As we grow older (Brad not me) we are grateful for every opportunity we get to be with our family, including all our recently added family members that we try not to take anything for granted.

We love empty nesting but we love our family more - Awwwww.

Happy Empty Nesting!

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