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What happens when a blogger goes to BLOGHER17 as a newbie?

She comes back excited, renewed with ideas and ready to make changes to the website. All this while her significant other sleeps and sips margaritas at the pool with the other significant others. Brad also read and ate sushi with his new friends. In fact, Brad was so busy that when I texted him that my phone battery was dying and needed the portable battery - he was too busy to text me back.

To be honest, Brad was incredibly supportive of my attending Blogher17 and that we went to Disney Springs and shopped at some of his favorite places.

Blogher17 was a great experience. I now know so much about google analytics, SEO, being an influencer, facebook videos and that bloggers need business cards. Who knew?

Everyone had them and all I had was a lanyard name tag. Brought back memories like when I was the only one that did not have any Wacky Packs to trade. Ugh! I hope Lane and Drew got all the Pokemon cards they wanted.

Anyway back to present day... I met so many people that gave me so much information to help me make my blog so much better than it is (is that possible?? lol). Most importantly I did realize that my blog needs to be more "polished" if I am ever going to be able to monetize it (we all know who wants that ). So I will be changing the blog and adding more categories to the blog so that I can share information on places we shop, our travels, local activities we do and ways to save money.

I am totally rejuvenated filled with ideas. Just ask Brad if how many times I have woken up in the middle of the night and had an idea only to tell him and get no response - It's like he is sipping drinks by the pool all over again. Blogher17 was totally worth attending. I learned so much and am ready to blow up emptynestersfinally and also just as important I have something to do during football season!!!

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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