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I finally have a daughter!!! Brad and I are over the moon that Sarah is officially a member of the Hacker clan. I have dreamt about adding a daughter to our mix for 27 years and my wish came true (must have thrown 1000 pennies into fountains). I am now beginning to even the score in our house - it has been a long time coming.

When we first became empty nesters we were excited for the boys and us to begin the next journey in their/our lives. Now that Lane and Sarah are married we are thrilled for them to embark on this new journey.

The whole weekend was magical but one of my favorite quotes was from @JaredKaye when he said (no plagiarism by me) married life is like a workshop - You work and she shops. But I don't think Lane and Sarah need any advice - they appreciate each other and are truly grateful for everything that has been given to them.

So as for our empty nest - It just got officially bigger and we could not be happier. But there is one little drawback for Sarah. Since she is officially a Hacker now she is not eligible to win the monthly drawing. But I think she is good with that since she got the ultimate gift. She is married to Lane. The best thing we could ever gift her. Awwww.

I could not end this blog without mentioning how lucky we are that we got everyone associated with Sarah - Shelly, Eric, Debbie, Ben, Tami and Dana and so many cousins. We (Brad, Drew and I) are so excited to welcome them and as a plus they are still eligible to win the drawings!!!

Happy Empty Nesting!!

A special shoutout to all of Lane and Sarah's friends that are my loyal readers- look out for a end of summer meet and greet (although Lane and Drew say only celebrities have them lol) very soon that you are all will be invited!!

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