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It is spring time so we (I) decided our house needed some sprucing up. It's funny how Brad never thinks anything needs sprucing up (I hope that includes me but I guess that is TBD). Anyway, I think most husbands are always ok with the status quo where most wives usually want to do a little tweaking. Unfortunately for Brad (and Drew) I want to do more than a little tweaking.

I want to update our house and our backyard's "look". We are painting the house which does not seem like a big deal but we all know (hopefully Brad does not realize) that once you paint, you tend to see all the other things that must get done immediately or the painting was a waste (i.e. new couch etc.) I do realize the timing could have been better since Drew came home for awhile (year) on Monday. I am also well aware that Drew was in school for 5 years and I had ample opportunity to do all this work on the house but .....

1. If I had started painting earlier I would not get to see Drew's annoyed face and I love that face.

2. It has taken me 5 years for Brad and I to agree on a color. Funny but not true. After 4 years Brad gave up because it was tax season. Still funny but not true. No big story here I just decided it was time even if it was 2 months before we were having a wedding and the same week Drew came home. I always tell Brad being married to me is an endless adventure. I am smart enough to know not to ask him if this is how he envisioned empty nesting with me. A wise woman (my mother-in-law) always told me "it is what it is". So.....

With Drew moving home for a bit before he moves out again :( I wanted him to enjoy his time at the Hacker Hotel. I wanted the backyard to be a place that he wanted to hangout with friends and Brad and me too. The house painting was for me. But I count, right? By the way, Brad the Builder did not put the bbq together.

There is definitely a method to my madness. It's all about family. Even though we are empty nesters and enjoying all the "us" time - having our kids around (and hopefully grandkids soon) makes sprucing up the house worth every penny and more!!

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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