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I lied. It was an inadvertent lie. But a lie regardless.

My washing machine does not work. I went to use it and water came gushing out of the door. Totally not Brad's fault. He gets an "A" for effort but he strayed too far away from his comfort zone. We all should know our limits. Apparently, Brad and I don't.

For example, I am a pretty good basketball player (I played for my sorority - surprised huh?) but I am a horrible softball player. I hope you caught that (lol)!! I threw you all a curveball (great pun) with this tidbit of my life before Brad (although according to Brad I did not have a life before him).

But I am a fantastic juice maker or so Brad says.

But getting back to the washing machine, we should have known better. I did not want to set Brad up for failure so I did my research, ordered the part, and we watched the youtube video on how to install together. We were vested. But I should have known better.

Brad is a fantastic accountant but a "not so fantastic " washing machine repairman. We (I) might have set our sights too high.

So I will get a new washing machine (just in time for Drew's arrival) and I don't have to go to the Zone. That is a definite win for me. Brad and I will think long and hard about our next #CHANGEFORTHEBETTER (it will be really good - I promise).

I am a pass for April. It was tax season, remember?!

Happy Empty Nesting!!

PS I will buy Brad a Lululemon outfit anyway!! :)

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