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The other day I realized that we had not chosen our #CHANGE4THEBETTER for April. I am going to blame it on tax season. I know I use that excuse a lot but everyone really gives us a break (thank you) during this time of the year. We are eternally grateful for everyone's sensitivity but I was told it's time to move on. Anyway ...

So while I was thinking on what Brad and I can do for our April #CHANGE4THEBETTER, I had an epiphany (yes, they do happen occasionally.) I realized Brad had never ever chosen his change or my change or our change for the better. I needed him to be vested, so I asked him if he was interested in deciding April's Change for the Better, with no input from me. He was intrigued. But time was ticking and he still had not decided. He could have picked anything and then started to blame tax season but it was April 20!

So .... my choice for our 4th #CHANGE4THEBETTER will be that we will take a risk a/k/a doing something out of our comfort zone. Someone might have been mentioned this to me... You know who you are.

I am hoping that taking risks becomes part of our normal routine. #NOREGRETS

Full disclosure: Vacation Karen already takes risks but now Cooper City Brad and Cooper City Karen have committed (not been committed -LOL) to this too.

Brad's first risk is to fix our washing machine. It's not broken "now", it just needs a replacement washer and a clamp. Brad said he could fix or I could get new washing machine. Win Win for me. I of course was rooting for him to fix but ......

Well my washing machine works so kudos to Brad.

Since he was a success I had him choose my risk.

Drum roll please ... My risk is to go to Brad's exercise class (the Zone) with him. Now I know some of you are not buying this risk but what you might not know is that even though I like to exercise I hate to sweat. Brad says he burns 500 calories and he stinks when he comes home. So this truly is a big deal for me. I might or might not post pictures.

BTW I had to promise Brad

some more Lululemon for fixing the washing machine.

Happy end of tax season and Happy Empty Nesting!!

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