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When we became an empty nesters, we (me and maybe Brad) had so many emotions going on inside us.

From the first time, we dropped Drew off at school and Brad and I stared at each other and said “Wow!! We did it – Now what?” to when they came home during break and stayed out til 4 in the morning and we looked at each other and said “Ugh!! When do they go back to school?" .

During this whole empty nesting era, certain things have hit me harder than others. Setting the table for just the two of us - not so great. But having the TIVO clear for all my shows and not cluttered with Bar Rescue and Pardon the Interruption (some good and some not so good).

Brad and I have definitely evolved in the past year but recently something happened and I got a pit in my stomach. We were doing our taxes (like most) and since Lane has been working this past year, he will be filing a 1040 for himself. We will not be taking Lane as a dependent. Even though it does not seem like it, it really is a big deal (at least to me).

I guess this really is the last thing to making Lane an independent person (he pays taxes)! Don’t get me wrong, I know this was inevitable but when I was thinking about things that make me an empty nester this never crossed my mind. As Brad constantly tells me, “All good things happening, be happy”.

Oh well, I have 2 more years til Drew is off to independence. I think I will enjoy every moment of his dependence (even if it costs me money).

Happy Empty Nesting!

P.S. It has been 3 years since this post and now Drew graduates. So excited for him to move home but are we still empty nesters??

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