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Lots of news this month so I will break it down. I will begin with the Not So Great news first and end with Good News;

Not So Good News:

Drew won't be here (cruise) for my birthday but neither will Lane (Amsterdam for a bachelor party.) Brad definitely will need to step it up but it is tax season so I guess I will give him a break.

Good News:

Drew came home for Spring Break, kind of. He is here then he leaves. It's spring break and there is a belly flop contest somewhere he must enter and win or so I have been told.

Not So Great News:

Brad and I and our February #CHANGE4THEBETTER was a flop. Brad started out strong but then stopped. He had a million and one excuses why he did not stretch in the morning. The best one was that Stretching makes him tired. ????? I was not buying that but we had just sodded our lawn and he volunteered to water the grass and my vegetables in the morning, so I was happy. I guess I am an enabler but a happy enabler.

I did finally get on Facebook (HooRay) and posted #SHARETHEWEALTH but not consistently. So we both get a "C " for our February #CHANGE4THBETTER (I always wanted to be a teacher.)

Pretty Good News:

I did some soul searching and realized that my prior 2 months of #CHANGE 4THEBETTER were not really about making me a better person (no clothes shopping - already broken & #SHARETHEWEALTH). Brad was doing a much better job at making changes for the better (he is still flossing), but me not so much.

So for March ...... Brad and I will jump up and down 20 times in the morning and 20 times at night. Now when you have stopped laughing, I will tell you why this will make us better. I was watching the TODAY show and they are having a series about making your life longer. Everyone should jump up and down 20 times morning and night, for our bones and our flexibility. Go figure. But its easy (and we need easy - its tax season remember). Brad and I can do this together, which he loves and we make each other accountable. Win Win.

Serious News:

It's tax season so Brad is very serious (hard to believe, I know) this month. Thus, we do not have as many funny adventures. So heads up, my blog might not be as funny as most (some more than others) have come to expect and if you really don't think its funny at all then you probably won't be disappointed.

Fantastic News:

It's MOK!!! I love MOK (month of Karen) and so will you because March is my birthday month, but this year its not just about me (can you believe?). To celebrate MOK there will be 2 winners of the emptynestersfinally monthly drawing. That's right, 2 winners and if you answered the Trivia question last month correctly (there were 6 individuals) you have so many chances to win. Yahoo!! The prize won't be announced though until the actual date of the drawing but trust me, you will like.

Happy MOK to everyone and Happy Empty Nesting!

If you are not a subscriber and want to be entered in March drawing, subscribe by March 10 at Remember 2 winners this month. Good luck to all.

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