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When we sent our kids to college we gave each other high fives and lots of pats on the backs. We felt like not only had they successfully gotten into college but so did we. Some of us more than others. See video below.

We had no idea Drew's graduation would come so fast (we only had 5 years to prepare). He was ready but were we? That was so a conversation Brad did not want to have. Brad says we can discuss after tax season, but I know better. It will never happen so that is definitely a blog.

Drew was interviewing everywhere. Since Brad and I would never want to sway Drew about where he should "pitch his tent" for his first job. We kept our mouths shut (interesting concept for me). As our luck would have it (YEA) he will be back in South Florida. By the way, there were no bribes offered, only one foot massage.

I guess we truly won't be an empty nest while Drew lives home. Which is perfect for me. Just in time for football season.

And while he is living at home, I will get to write about boomerang children and all the related issues (he will definitely need a key to the house.) So everyone get ready.

Happy Empty Nesting!

PS I can't wait for Drew to try my kale smoothies and zucchini spaghetti. He might move out faster than he thought.

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