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Inquiring minds want to know so here it goes.....

Who really writes the blog?

It's me (Karen) sorry for those on team Brad. I know it gets posted on Brad's facebook which might be misleading but I don't have a page (more on that later) but does have a page. Brad does get to read all blog posts before I publish but only so I don't say anything ridiculous. He also has full veto on all pictures posted but then I get final say. :)

What is the purpose of the blog? Originally I started writing for only Brad, the boys and myself. I wanted the boys and Brad to know I was doing ok (I was thinking they might be worried ....) but in the end it became a way for me to document our lives. Then, friends wanted to know how I was dealing with an empty nest so I told them that I was writing They began reading and then it went viral (I wish).

Do I have plans to monetize the blog? Everyone can guess who keeps asking me this. I never thought of this as more than a way to keep the boys and Brad laughing and now friends and others too. I will be looking for ways to make money in the future from the blog and our adventures, since we all know I have cut down most of the branches from the money tree in our backyard. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated (I will give you a shout out and a commission).

Does Brad ever work or do we just travel all the time? Actually we don't travel at all from January 15- May 15 cause of his work. And that is why he would love for me to figure out how to make money from this blog so he (hoping I am included) can travel more... Apparently, it is time for me to step up.

Why don't I have a facebook page? I used to then I didn't. End of story. Sort of. Recently though, I applied for a page but got rejected cause of my last name (Hacker- Brad's fault right?). Now I am going through an extensive background check (not really - just have to submit some sort of ID) and then I will get a page, fingers crossed. I will let you know the status. We will have a big party - maybe another give away.

Is everything the truth on the blog? I do not lie. Actually that is a huge pet peeve of mine ( just ask the boys how many times they got into trouble for lying). It might seem as though these things really can't happen but they do happen to us, just ask Brad. One caveat, if Brad ever writes part of the blog, I can not vouch for him. He is on his own.

If you have any questions ( there will be a Q & A Part 2) for me or Brad just email us at At least I have my own email address and I don't use Brad's. LOL

Happy Empty Nesting!!

PS If you know where the saying "Inquiring Minds wants to know" comes from, email me the answer. You will be entered into our March drawing or if you are already subscriber you will get extra entry. It will be a big one cause its my birthday month. Happy Birthday to me

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