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When Lane and Drew were younger it seemed as though there was never enough hands on deck to do everything in the house. Brad and I tried switching off errands and chores but that never ever worked for us. We truly tried to split these things 50-50 but then we had to do things we hated (I hate doing the dishes but love to cook and Brad is not too keen on laundry but doesn't mind sorting- go figure.)

What we realized (not soon enough) was that we should each do the chores and errands we don't mind doing and hope it ends up to be OK.

Ta da... we never ever sat down to see who was doing more each day but it never truly mattered cause in the end we figured it would just even out. And there was definitely more significant things to talk about (much to Brad's dismay). Most importantly when it came to the boys, we took turns when necessary for birthday parties and ball games unless we could go together.

One thing was never even though. It had to with when the boys were sick. In all our years of parenting, the boys only threw up on me and I had to do the laundry.

Anyway ... now that we are empty nesters the lines are blurred on what errands/chores are whose responsibility. I enjoy grocery shopping so I tend to take care of that chore (especially cause when Brad joins me it can take me a good hour more than normal.) Recently though, I had overcommitted myself all week and weekend and needed to get food


Brad graciously volunteered which obviously made me nervous. But he said it was part of my Valentine's Day present. Of course I made him a list but he had so many questions I drew him a map of Whole Foods.

So Happy Valentines Day to me and Happy Empty Nesting to all!

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