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It's time to report on how Brad and I are doing on our 2017 #CHANGE4THEBETTER. I gave it a hash tag so it is out in the universe. If it is out there then we have to do. Not sure Brad believes this (he says he does but ...) but I do so #change4thebetter.

I am so happy to say that Brad is flossing. Not every day (he does brush every day) but at least 50% of the time. That is major progress. I am hoping it becomes something he doesn't think about (and I don't have to clap every time he flosses.) I have to remind him that this is about making these changes permanently and part of our daily lives. He said he is on board. Let's see. His grade is B+

I also have been sticking to mine but its only been a couple of weeks and I have a wedding so I think I will have some exceptions to my no clothes shopping. And as I explained to Brad I am helping the economy prosper. Not sure he is buying that but I am sticking to the fact that our economy needs my help. My grade is C (only because of my thought process.) This might not have been a good one to start with. But we all make mistakes

So for February, Brad is going to try to incorporate a 7 minute stretching video (from Dr. OZ) into his morning routine. I have complete confidence in him for this one because I will have a cup of coffee waiting for him after he finishes and he will do anything for a cup of joe.

For my February #change4thebetter I am going to post on my emptynestersfinally facebook page at least 2x a week. It will not be a blog (I will still blog too) but a "Share the Wealth" tip. I am a big coupon, discounter, saving a penny person, etc. And I love to share my tips. And as Brad has told me many times "There is no money tree in our back yard!"

Brad and I are diligently working on our #change4thebetter. If anyone else is let me know. and if you are saving so much money with my tips, let me say kudos to you. We would love to know.

I need your feedback so Brad will know that even though this blog passion of mine is costing him money it is at least saving other people money. LOL

Happy Empty Nesting!!

PS Look for my first Share the Wealth tomorrow on February 1.

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