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We waited patiently (sometimes not so much) for 20 some years to be empty nesters. Now that we have arrived at this stage of our life

should we be waiting patiently to be retirees finally? I don't think so.

First, we were young (one of us younger than the other) dating adults, just engaged, freshly married, new parents then empty nesters finally. But now what? Retirees? Brad and I have talked about it and we (I) decided that it would not be good for us on any level for him to retire. We tabled this discussion for a later time but we both know no good will come out of that.

Deep down though we do realize Brad's retirement will come faster than we believe just like all the other stages of our lives together that have arrived with a blink of our eyes.

We were celebrating my parents 54th anniversary this week and anytime

there is a celebration, I have a habit of creating discussions for Brad and I to take stock of our lives. UGH (that's from Brad.) His anxiety goes from 0 to about 100 when I say " I was thinking about ......". At that point he usually tells me he has to go to Home Depot.

Every stage of our life has thrown us some twists and turns but as a very

wise woman (my mother-in-law) once (actually more than once) told me, we make plans and G-d laughs. Brad has always been much more flexible than I and he has passed that trait to Lane (Sarah you can thank Brad for that) whereas Drew got his less flexible attitude from me (Sorry to Drew's future wife.)

In fact, Drew was home this weekend at my computer and somehow ended up reading my emails??? And because I give my email to every marketer I meet, there was email from a new community about 1 hour north from our current house. Drew asked me about it and said, "Under no circumstances can you move." When we told Lane, his comment was, "Have fun - I will see ya when I see ya". Doesn't matter anyway, Brad said he is not moving till the money tree in our backyard is in bloom again.

So to get back to whether Brad and I as empty nesters finally will be retirees finally. Not for a long time. For many reasons, but mostly because we want to be grandparents finally first and Drew said we can't.

Happy Empty Nesting and a very Happy Anniversary to my parents!!

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