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Tax season has not yet officially begun so that means that Brad is getting home at a decent time (too decent). Last night Brad walked in at 6:00. Boy was he happy, me not so much. I am glad he does not have to work so late yet but .........

We all know I have schedule and Brad getting home early is definitely not in the schedule. It makes Brad a stalker again and we all know how that goes down.

Brad loves coming home early, he says to help me around the house but what he really wants is to follow me around and drive me crazy. Now I don't want to sound ungrateful or unappreciative but in our vows I never said to have and to hold 24 hours a day!!!!

For example, Brad came home early last night while I was preparing dinner. He changed his clothes, came into the kitchen and started to follow me around. Seriously?!! I asked him what he wanted and he said just to be close to me. Aww, except that I kept tripping over him. He was everywhere.

I was not getting anything done so I asked him if he wanted to make himself useful. Of course he jumped at the chance. He was like an eager beaver trying to please the teacher. I felt like I should give him a gold star.

To keep him busy, I gave him a project. He soon completed that and needed another one. So now on top of making dinner I was in charge of keeping Brad busy ( I guess he thought entertaining him was in our vows.)

I finally figured out how to keep him busy longer than a few seconds, I told him I forgot to water my vegetable garden (but I didn't) and would he please do that. Thankfully, that got him out of the kitchen for awhile.

Tonight, I have a surprise for him. We are babysitting Reese (my sister's dog) this weekend. I made a deal with her

to keep Brad busy. I will give her an extra treat every time she takes him for a walk!!

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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