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If you ask any future Empty Nester what they can't wait to do once the kids are out of the house, traveling would definitely be on the top of their list. Brad and I have definitely taken advantage of this opportunity.

Dramamine and I have become really good friends (buy the stock). So where ever and whenever Brad wants to go somewhere I am right along side him (that was in our vows).

We especially love when we can take our kids, which I know seems strange cause we are empty nesters, right?! But having all these incredible experiences with them makes great pictures for a rehearsal dinner slide show (hint hint).

This December we took Lane and Sarah to Las Vegas for their engagement. Even better, we came on a Monday and left on a Friday (with money in our pockets). They came on a Wednesday and left on Sunday. Great future in-law move right? We (I) knew to let them have time with their friends (much to Brad's dismay). We love Sarah and want her to love us too.

Since Drew was not able to go to Vegas we decided to take him to San Francisco/Napa. San Francisco is where Brad and I honeymooned so we were so excited to take Drew there. We were able to show him what a fantastic place the city was especially around the holidays.

He even managed to find friends traveling there so he went out one night. We thought by taking him away we would not worry but hah the joke was on us. He came back to the hotel at 3 A.M!!!

What I did realize though by vacationing with our kids is that it truly is a very special thing when your grown kids want to travel with you. Maybe cause we were paying but it really does not matter. As long as they want to spend time with us, I will gladly pay for it all (right, Brad?)

Happy Empty Nesting.

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