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I hope I got that cliche correct. I have a habit of messing up cliches which is one of Brad's pet peeves. I have been doing this for years and even though I know how to say most of them correctly I say them wrong anyway. Brad hardly gets angry so I love to get his goat sometimes (right?) I love to see his angry face. I obviously have blown my cover but no one should worry, I have plenty of ways to see Brad's angry face and yes he has one.

I guess what I am inferring is that no matter how many changes in our lives we will always be the same "kids" we were when we got married. I am sure all those idiosyncrasies and crazy habits (Brad married me in spite of them- thankfully) that we had 20 some years ago we still have. Unfortunately or fortunately for I am not disclosing them all.

Brad gets a kick out of the fact that I still get sad every week sad when we don't win the lottery and I enjoy the fact that he still believes he can run a mile in under 10 minutes (he can't).

These are things that keep us laughing and since we don't have the kids at home to discuss their issues, we are back to noticing things in each other.

I now have time to remember how many times Brad wears his Lululemon shirt in a week. And he now notices how often I get my hair colored. Ugh!

There is one thing (maybe more than one- but that's all I can remember) that he does that has always driven me crazy and now, more than ever. I know that most husbands are guilty of this but I only have time to care about one. Since we have become empty nesters and its just us we spend a lot of time alone in a car going places. Now I love traveling by any mode of transportation but at least in a plane I don't have to worry if we are going in the right direction.

Brad has always refused to ask for directions but since we have been using google maps things have done pretty well. Except then Waze came along. We had never questioned Google before but then the boys said Waze was much better on traffic. Thanks.

Sometimes Waze and Google don't agree on the best way to get somewhere and inevitably Brad will use Waze (in an Australian woman's voice - not sure what that is about) and I will use Google. So you guessed it we spend the whole time in the car discussing whose way is better and faster. And I have to speak with an Australian accent or he pretends not to hear me!

Happy Empty Nesting!

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