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Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all. I am just now fully recovered from the day not because of the cooking (although I did) or cleaning but because Drew came home and when he comes home my life ceases to exist as an Empty Nester and it becomes all about Drew. I am not complaining at all. It is just a fact. And for the time he is home, Brad has to take a back seat to Drew. But that is what happens in most if not all Empty Nesting homes, right?

Even though my focus is on Drew, Brad does not mind because the Dallas Cowboys play on Thanksgiving and he is busy planning and celebrating their win (he was hoping Jason Garrett would call or even text him - never happened). Brad does not think I pay attention or listen to him but I do. I have been listening to him talk about Jerry Jones for years.

Actually the Cowboys have played a significant role in our Thanksgiving holiday for our whole marriage since we got married over the long weekend (not my favorite holiday- sorry Brad).

In fact our marriage was even tested one year when I had my family over the year the Dolphins played the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. It was a close game and I remember it came down to a play when a Cowboy (Leo Lett) had the football and ran the wrong way and the Dolphins won (I definitely should get jewelry for that one!!)

My cousins are giving high fives everywhere. People are screaming and then I look at Brad who was very quiet and I might have even seen a tear. I quickly called for everyone to come eat and Brad managed to save some face.

He did made me promise never to have Thanksgiving at our house again if the Dolphins play the Cowboys and to always have pumpkin pie even if he is the only one that will eat it. I have made sure that has happened but that might be mostly luck.

This year was perfect with Drew home and Lane and Sarah joining us for Thanksgiving (although I am still not a fan). And the Cowboys won!

As much as Brad loves Drew being home, Winter Break is a long time for it to be all about Drew but I am so excited for him to come home. And although Lane will tell you it is always all about Drew, I know he is excited too. I can't wait to blog about it.

Happy Empty Nesting and Happy Anniversary to my One and Only!!

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