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Last weekend Brad went to 'college' again. Brad and some friends went to visit their sons at school. They went under the auspices of going to a University of Florida football game. But I knew better.

This was all about Brad missing Drew a lot and as a bonus he got to go to a football game and as an added bonus Lane was going to join them too. It was a bonanza for Brad.

What Brad did not realize though is that even when you travel and the boys are adults (??) you are probably going to be a referee at some point during the weekend. I warned him but he told me I was being ridiculous. Ha!

Sure enough Saturday night they got into a slap fight at a bar (alcohol was possibly involved). A slap fight are you kidding me?

As much as I love my boys I was appalled for everyone that was a witness to this. I am pretty sure Brad had to put them in time out.

It actually reminded me of a time when the boys were younger and had been misbehaving for weeks using their hands, words, baseball bats basketballs etc......

Brad and I were at our wits end so we tried bribery (we did that a lot). We told them if they could be nice to each other for a whole month (I know we set our expectations way too high) we would take them to Disney World for a week. I know what were we thinking? The boys thought this was a done deal. They were already figuring out the details of our week in Disney.

But sure enough during the 3rd week (they were so close) everything broke down. They were calmly playing outside (Ricky if you are reading- you were there and know what really went down) and all of a sudden I hear screaming (I am confident no alcohol was involved then). I run outside and I see balls and a fan (maybe even a broom) being thrown among other things. And they were using lots of words I did not even know Drew knew. I screamed at them and told them not to bother me unless there was blood involved or bones were sticking out.

They blew it. A whole week in Disney. Maybe Brad and I came out winners though.

So in retrospect a slap fight in a bar doesn't surprise me. I texted them when I found out and Lane took responsibility. He said he got in Drew's face and started it. I guess I should be proud. He is maturing, I bet Sarah had something to do with this. Thank you, Sarah (more money this month for you.)

Happy Empty Nesting.

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