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I was told recently by someone who shall remain nameless (Brad) that I have not written a blog in awhile. I thought about it then had to admit he was right (not to his face of course). I went back and realized it had been almost a month. Incredible. A month went by with me having nothing to say about Empty Nesting ……….. HMMMM

So much has been going on that I lost track of time and my love of my life and this blog. It has allowed me to document this incredible phase for myself, my kids, my family and friends and always Brad.

There was or still is this viral commentary on newlywed life that this guy wrote and I saw it on TV. He titled it Married Life : Its not for me (or something like that- I am paraphrasing) . At first I was angry and felt bad for his wife but then when I heard them speak about the essay, I was enlightened and learned something (who knew).

Guess what: Marriage and Emptynesting is not for me either – its for Brad and vice versa.

When we got married many moons ago, we made all those promises to each other because that’s what you do. But as we were married longer and longer and got older and older we made new promises and really understood them. Our marriage and relationship was working because we knew to put the other one first (me-most of the time- he all the time).

Empty Nesting is no different, we are making new promises so that we will be happy too. We still mess up at times but we get it right more then we get it wrong. I am hoping that we master this phase well before we go to the next one –Retirement!

Happy Empty Nesting!!

PS Next time Blog will be funny. Football = Jewelry

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