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Vacation Brad or Disney Brad or Vegas Brad!!

As Empty Nesters you get to do a lot of things you never had time to do when you have kids in the nest (Sorry Lane and Drew - but its the truth). Traveling was always on our to do list but we never managed to get out of Florida when the kids were young. Hello Disney!

I don't mean that the way it sounds cause we love Disney. We visited a lot especially when the kids were little.

Luckily the boys enjoyed our trips to Orlando as much as us. In fact, not sure which of us liked Disney the most.

As the boys got older, we explored other cities but Disney still had and has a special hold on all of us.

One of the best compliments Brad and I have gotten as parents (and it means so much now that we are empty nesters) is that as Lane and Drew get older they still want to travel with us. Probably cause we pay for the trip. LOL

Yes, this picture is still another Disney Picture. We were there last Thanksgiving and it was probably one of the best Disney trips we have ever taken. Sorry Lane.

Now don't feel too bad for Lane. We are taking Sarah and him to Las Vegas. I will definitely post pictures all over social media (as long as appropriate). Cause remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

And to Lane's friends that want to hang with us one night (I hope you are reading). Thank you. You made Brad so happy, but be careful cause Vegas Brad is even more fun than Vacation Brad (if that's possible).

Happy Empty Nesting!!

P.S. Thank you to Disney cause you have provided us with so many memories, now can we be in the parade??

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