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Every January and September, I make resolutions for myself and Brad (he did not know this though til he realized there was no Pop-tarts in the house one year). But I always have his best interests at heart even if he does not agree with me. I am constantly reminding him of our vows where I promised to take care of him in sickness and health.

Well, he is a horrible sick person, so I made a promise to myself that I would not let him get sick, hence he now takes vitamins, exercises, eats kale and even juices.

I will tell you he is definitely healthier and I think he secretly likes the healthier food. He is not starving although he might say otherwise.

I do give him sweets and am super nice (I am always very nice, super nice is reserved for when he is sick) when he has a real ailment. For example, when he had to have hernia surgery couple of years ago. I even gave him a bell to ring for me. Big mistake. I must have been taken his pain meds. He got to keep the bell approximately 2 hours. He would ring it when the TV clicker was out of his reach. It was the longest 2 hours of our marriage.

I don't want anybody to feel bad for him, because we definitely have "sweets" in the house. One time I made avocado brownies and banana ice cream with cacao bids, he said they were delish. LOL.

As loyal readers you all know birthdays are a big deal for me and we always celebrate with lots of good food and sweets. I would never deprive the birthday boy of cake!

And of course we all know Vacation Karen

is a totally different person.

Happy and Healthy Empty Nesting!

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