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Brad and I got back from a great vacation but realized a couple things. One is we really like spending time with each other but then around day 10 we want to strangle each other ( I admit to this he does not - but I don't believe him). Come day 11 we are all good but by then we are both ready to go home ( or so we think).

As empty nesters some people think we can take a vacation any time we want since we are not tied to any school or sports calendar. But the funny thing is that we still tend to take "summer vacations." We are definitely creatures of habit so as we get older we decided that on vacations we will take risks and leave our comfort zone.

Brad's decided his risk for this trip would be to drive through a tree. We had to drive an hour out of our way for him to do this. He was so happy though and I got a picture for the blog!

My risks are usually a lot less dramatic and usually involves food. Because as Brad and the boys know I have a hangry (hungry + angry) gene in me. And it definitely gets worse on vacation. I am not proud but I have cried on vacations because I am hungry. Brad regularly refers to the 2013 Vacation Hangry Melt Down. I now make sure I have snacks with me but Brad always finds them which has caused Major Hangy Moments usually on Day 10.

Brad loves to take pictures of us on vacation and post them on social media. He will rarely post any other time but on vacation he loves to share. He posts so many of them that a friend of his from high school commented that he wondered if Brad ever worked or was on permanent vacation.

You would have thought that this would have slowed down his sharing but no such luck. He loves to post then see how many people liked/commented on his pictures. Every night before we went to bed he would go on facebook and see how many likes he got. If you liked any of the pictures he posted, thank you. It made him so happy and then I knew I would be fed at regular intervals the next day.

When we get home, Brad and I play this game (I am sure a lot of you do) where we say, " A week ago we were .... eating the best blueberry donuts (Blue Star donuts )or something else. And it is always a little sad when you get to the day where you say A week ago we were ... and the response is home.

We are definitely glad to be back and resume our lives and wedding planning.

Happy Empty Nesting!!!

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