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When the boys were young they used to be so excited for the school year to be done and summer to begin. They and I loved summer. But I also used to love when summer was done and school begun. I (not the boys) loved the start of school. Every year on the first day I would take a picture of them.

This year is Drew's last first day of school forever (we call it one last football season).

I always took pictures of them on their first day, but for the past 5 years I have not been able to so since I could not be there he sent me one. Not sure he wanted to do that but he definitely made me happy.

This year since I was feeling lonely and missing Drew, I decided to take my nieces for lunch and manicures. It definitely made me feel better.

Olivia and Maddy are wonderful as well as my other nieces, Carly and Lauren (who if you are reading this will definitely be the recipients of manicures - if not oh well). Although no one is a substitute for Drew or Lane of course, my nieces (and Reese) come pretty close.

Happy Empty Nesting.

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