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Lane did it!! He asked Sarah to marry him. We are so thrilled. The nest got bigger and I did not gain an ounce (or 60 lbs like I did with each boy).

Brad and I are beyond happy that Lane has found someone to spend his happily ever after with (I stole this line from Sarah - but she is family now so we are good). As the mother of 2 boys, I have gone to my fair share of karate lessons, basketball games, baseball practices, and watched countless hours of ESPN so I thought it would never happen that someone would come and save me. And just in the nick of time since football season is fast approaching (Drew has already done 50 practice fantasy drafts).

Sarah definitely makes Lane a better person (Lane was terrific before but now he is twice as terrific). When your kids grow up and you see them in a relationship it makes you stop and wonder where the time went. But then you look at baby pictures (oops ... remember I threw a lot out)....

It really is incredible to me how much Lane is similar to Brad. Sarah, like me is a very lucky girl.

Since Lane resembles Brad (physically and in personality) in so many ways, I warned Sarah that there would be times when she would want to scream at me for something ridiculous Lane said or did. I will then tell her to take a deep breath, count to 10 and remember all his good qualities. I will also give her a bonus in addition to the monthly money we give her to stay with him. LOL

With all our love we wish Sarah and Lane everything good in this world and so much more.

Happy Empty Nesting.

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