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As most of you know, Brad is an accountant (a very good one) by day (Monday through Friday and sometimes on weekend). But on the weekend Brad becomes "Mr. Fix It". I think because Brad uses his right side of his brain from 9 to 5 (give or take a couple of hours) he "loves" to come home and see what I have on my list for him to fix and/or build things. He even becomes giddy when I have something I want to build. He still claims one of the best presents he ever got was a tool and rachett set (not from me).

Prior to our empty nesting era, we/he never had time to actually build things (he did on occasion when nagged though change a light bulb). But now since he has so much free time ( my words not his), he can cultivate his left side brain ( I majored in psych).

Over the years he has developed a collections of cords, that I have tried to throw out over the years but he always said he will need one day. Guess what?? The day has come...

This past weekend, Brad put together a Kitchen Island we had bought on Amazon (we buy everything there). It took all weekend but I love it!! He did not cuss at all and he never claimed they forgot a screw or a piece of the Island. Such progress.

We are hoping he passes some of his talents on to the boys but we shall see. We have not seen any inclination from them to fix or build anything ....

Happy Empty Nesting.

PS Brad would like to build a Pergola next. I am not sure about this but he has worn me down. And I want him to be happy and plus if he is busy he won't notice what I have bought on Amazon. Win Win.

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