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Who would have thought that during our “honeymoon phase” of empty nesting we would be spending 36 straight hours together in our house all by ourselves. But Mother Nature and Hurricane Isaac were telling us how to spend our one week anniversary of empty nesting.

Honestly, I was a little nervous so after we put up our shutters and made sure we had adequate supplies, but just before we went to bed I made a schedule for the next day.

I was excited since I had a fun filled busy day scheduled for us so that we would never get bored or as Brad put it, no down time. We were going to exercise, clean the office, go over finances, plan our vacation, and even a movie at 5:00 (hopefully we will still have electricity).

Well you can imagine Brad’s excitement when I woke him at 8. He was not happy to say the least. Our house was so dark from the shutters I should have told him it was noon and he would never have known.

The day was going beautifully till around 2 pm when Brad tried to stray from the schedule. I had a minor freak out. He told me to relax and I then told him that this was relaxing for me. The whole discussion put us 30 minutes behind schedule. Brad said to forget the schedule and we should watch a movie. He told me he was feeling suffocated. I told him he was supposed to feel like he was suffocating because it was a hurricane and we could not leave the house!!

He finally wore me down and had me take a nap around 3. I hated to tell him but he probably had the best idea of the day. We woke up watched a movie and ate something. Brad surprised me with a candle in a muffin and sang Happy Anniversary . He said that it was the best hurricane day he ever had.

Thankfully the storm was only lots of wind and rain but little damage in our area and Brad and I “weathered” the storm with little damage too.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

**The next day Brad was dressed for work before I even got out of bed! Leaving any schedules or conflicts behind.

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