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My 2012 New Years Resolution was to create a blog to document our empty nesting activities for Lane and Drew. It was supposed be a diary for me (and sometimes Brad) but it has really evolved (like Brad and I - LOL) into something more.

Before social media (I can't even believe there was a time) became part of emptynestersfinally, I was just writing and posting to a website. I had some early readers other than Brad, Lane and Drew (who were threatened with food and money). I can't even begin to thank you all for giving me the self-confidence to write more but I have an idea ....... I will write even funnier blogs (hard to believe) and post more pictures.

For all my newer readers I am going to have a Throwback Thursday (thank you Facebook) where I will post older blogs that were posted prior to me gaining traction in the Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Blogging World.

So there will 2 blog posts a week (Yea!!) for awhile. If you have read them before, you do not have to read again. I will not be insulted (but a like on facebook/instagram/twitter is fine). I love to be liked. The more likes the better. I am big on positive reinforcement. Ask anyone, especially Brad.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

PS All my boys (men) have summer birthdays. Drew's is Sunday so Look forward to next week's blog "It's all about Drew (again)"

Also a special Happy and Healthy Birthday to Ben Lipson!

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