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I love birthdays. I love to celebrate mine of course but I really love to celebrate Brad's and the boys' and plan ridiculous parties and events. Since the boys have left the nest, Brad is now the sole recipient of my craziness (I am sure the boys will disagree with this sentence).

Brad turned 57 yesterday and so I decided to celebrate 57 hours of Brad. This year the celebration was supposed to began on Monday at 3 PM and end at midnight on July 13.

It really did not start well though, since Brad had to be at a client and then wanted to exercise. The opening ceremonies ended up starting at Hour 5 (I was not starting at the beginning) when Brad came home to his favorite dinner.

I realized that I was really going to have to step it up if 57 hours of Brad was going to go well. I knew that it would never be as good as 50 days of Brad (lots of blog readers remember this) but I knew i had to do better.

I brought him lunch the next day (hour 22) but Brad was in work mode and was not in the mood for lunch with me (hard to believe, right?!). So now I was at my wits end and realized that I had to make his "birth" day really special and I would.

We started out going to spin class where I made sure everyone knew it was his birthday. I took him to lunch, Home Depot, Best Buy and the pool store.His favorite places obviously not mine. But it did not stop there, I took him for a massage and ended the day meeting Sarah and Lane for dinner. We definitely missed Drew a lot.

I never want Brad to feel that since we are empty nesters I would not be making a big deal of his birthday like I used to do for him and the boys when they were young. And I think I accomplished it this year.

I wonder what Brad is planning for my next birthday .........

Happy Empty Nesting and Happy Birthday to my favorite Empty Nester!!

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