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When Brad and I were newlyweds we would love long holiday weekends cause it would give us a chance to reconnect and do a bunch a stuff we had kept procrastinating. I still love long holiday weekends for the same reason but now Brad is not a fan for the same reasons as me. Don't get me wrong, he loves long weekends but mostly because he can sleep more and watch more ESPN. My honey do list does not even make the top 10.

When Lane and Drew lived at home we always wanted them to have great memories so we would try to make the weekends fun by either traveling, having parties or doing fun staycations. Brad was thrilled. Unfortunately for Brad, now that we are empty nesters my honey do list has reappeared and a long holiday weekend is always the perfect time to conquer it.

I thought last weekend was the perfect time to sort through our clothes and get rid or donate them. Yes, not just Brad but me too. I was all in.

As you can see from the picture, Brad is smiling so it was not all torture. Anything that had a stain had to go and if he had not worn any item in 2 years it would be donated. More than fair. Or so I thought. I was almost ready to give up (which I never do - but I was scared my hair was turning grey every second) but then it started pouring and neither of us had anywhere to go. Every time it would thunder Brad took that as a sign to keep whatever clothes item he was holding. So everyone can imagine how slow the minutes went. After

about 2 hours Brad had a bag of clothes to donate and a bag for me to use as rags. Yahoo!!

Then we went to my clothes which I thought would give Brad such pleasure but not so much. He was very disturbed because if he said something should be donated I said OK. No fight. No discussion. It just went in a bag. Brad gave up after 1/2 hour and we were barely through my clothes. My reverse psychology worked!!

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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