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The short answer is No. The long answer is I don't think so.....

We just returned from visiting friends and family in Dallas, Brad's hometown. The blog was the topic of conversation (well not the only one but definitely a top 10) for many reasons.

Many in the big "D" love reading the blog cause they can read how Brad and I are keeping ourselves busy now that we are Empty Nesters and our adventures.

Some friends and family (who shall remain nameless for legal reasons asked us -mainly Brad) if he felt exploited. EXPLOITED??!!! He always (usually) has final say when I post a picture (you should see pictures not posted) and he usually (50% of time) reads the final edit of the blog, unless it tax season. Also, no money has ever exchanged hands for his participation in this blog/empty nesting venture.

If Drew and Lane's friends are also concerned, please know I have asked them in the past and they were good with me writing this blog. I might have originally bribed them, but what's done is done.

I love writing this blog and it was originally meant for the boys to read so they knew we were doing well and even thriving sometimes. And though I do not feel as though I am exploiting Brad (he swears I am not) or our empty nesting adventures, some may feel as though I have crossed the line at times. If so, I hope they laughed when I did.

Happy Empty Nesting!

P.S. Everyone should know Brad is happy. Very Happy. He told me so.

P.P.S. The boys are also very happy. They told me too.

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