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I don't want you to wait any longer so the winner of Mother/Son 2016 Olympics was Drew. Big Surprise. I did put up a good fight winning one game of backgammon and the games Battleship and Stratego.

Drew excelled though in the WII games of tennis, golf, skiing and bowling. In bowling, I gave him a run for his money but in skiing, he accused me of having my eyes closed.

When Drew is home I am like Julie McCoy of the old Loveboat TV show. Part of the best Saturday night line up of TV Shows ever cause it was followed up by Fantasy Island. (If you have never heard of those shows ,Lane and Drew and friends - U tube them).

Anyway, like the TV show, my role as Summer Party Planner came to an end. Drew left for his summer job yesterday.

And yes, I have all those emotions again. I am so proud of him and his accomplishments and excited that he is off to a new adventure but once again I am an Empty Nester.

For sure I am excited to spend my summer with just Brad.

I just need to put together a list for him so he (me) does not get bored.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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