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Drew came home which makes us so happy but then he leaves again for his summer job. Just when we think we have this whole Empty Nester thing figured out we get ambushed. I am by no means complaining but I forgot how much he likes to eat and it is not kale!!! So my grocery shopping habits have changed these past couple of weeks as well as what I do during the day.

He definitely likes to watch ESPN 1, ESPN 2, Dan Le Batard (and his father) and the Mike and Mike show, and my favorite PTI. Now I am assuming some of you are blown away that I know those shows (and remembered the names- I had no help) but Drew likes me to sit with him when he watches these shows. So even though I may be reading the Wall Street Journal some of it gets absorbed.

When Drew was younger, his number one complaint was that I was always doing stuff in the kitchen when all he wanted from me was to sit with him. AWWWW.

I finally get it and now when he is sitting I sit with him. "The stuff" can wait. He has proven how important it is to just "be" with him.

Happy Empty Nesting.

Spoiler Alert: Next Blog MOTHER/SON OLYMPICS - I don't win!

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