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Being an Empty Nester definitely has its perks and Brad and I have definitely made the most out of being Empty Nesters for the past couple years.

A major drawback to being an Empty Nester though, is the holiday celebrations. When the whole family is together for any reason I really miss Drew but especially on holidays (Lane was with us 😀).

For Passover this year, I bought a lot of Drew's favorite foods and then prepared them with him on my mind. I knew he was not going to be able to join us but there was always a little glimmer of hope that maybe he would surprise us. He has surprised us before but not this year. It would make no sense since we would be seeing him the following weekend. I knew that.

Brad thinks (he also says) that I occasionally live in a fantasy world. So is that so bad?? I bet he thinks that, because I majored in psychology and he majored in something way more practical in his mind (accounting). But being realistic is not one of my strongest characteristics (if one at all) and not even in the top 25 reasons why Brad married me.

In Karen's fantasy world though Drew was with us this year!!

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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