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For my loyal readers I promised a detail of my birthday presents, so I had Brad model them. LOL. I also got a pair of lululemon pants but he would not model them. Can you believe that??!!!

Brad did well this year but truth be told he had some help. After receiving a data planner/calendear one year from Brad for my birthday (he obviously got on sale - I am a March birthday) I got smart. I realized he needed some help or I was going to get "presents" that would end up being donated. Now I don't want to sound ungrateful but .......

I started a file called Karen's Presents. Whenever an occasion comes along that requires a present I decided I was going to make his life easy so I started a file called Karen's Presents. Karen's presents file is right by our tax file so he can't miss it. I rip out pictures, I write ideas and I have even give SKU numbers. Now, some might think I am overstepping my boundaries but Brad is super busy and I know he wants me to be happy (happy wife = happy life).

Believe it or not, Brad came to me recently and said I can go one step better for him with my presents. I had no idea what I could possibly do to make his life easier but of course I was open to almost anything. He wanted me go shopping online and put things in the shopping cart. I was not to buy them. He would. Interesting ...

It appears that I am involved in all my presents picking but it is so not true. As we are spending more and more alone time together as emptynesters he is really stepping up to the plate. Brad likes to freelance (it sounds scary and it is) as he calls it and those presents usually have a component for him to enjoy. This year he got me (us) the Amazon toy Alexa for the house. Now I can talk to Alexa and tell her to play any type of music, get a recipe or ask the weather. We love that birthday present!!

Can't wait til next Birthday!

Happy Emptynesting!!

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