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We Sold Our Stuff and Brad Got to Stay!

The garage sale I had been waiting months to happen was this past weekend. All our stuff that I had gathered in my "tidying up" phase was finally moving out of our garage or at lease that was my intention.

Drew helped me load the car the day before (which was an obvious mistake and I definitely should have known better). He went through all the DVDs for sale as well as Playstation and WII games. It did not go well for either of us. He pulled numerous games and movies out of the box. I had to remind him that he has not watched or played those in years. It did not matter. He pulled them and probably cost me ten dollars.

We had to get up super early (5:30 A.M.) but I think it was worth it. Brad and I had quality time together with our stuff for the last time. We reminisced and then said our good-byes. It was much harder for Brad since he had to part with things he has had since before we were married!! He had some beloved movies on tape. We don't even have a VCR anymore and he has never ever watched those movies since we have been together. He also had 4 pairs of ski gloves. We live in Florida and we have been skiing aproximately two times. I of course had to promise to buy him something or he was not getting rid of the gloves. Another big mistake.

Brad is usually pretty reasonable but when he saw this knight someone was selling, he wanted it real bad. He must have gone back to see the knight and ask the price ($100) 5 times. I did not want it in or outside my house but I never got him the totem pole ...... and this was definitely cheaper. I told him if he could get for less money we would talk. Thankfully, they were not negotiating and neither was I.

All the things that I had gathered when I was "tidying up" was sold for $300. Now it might not seem like a lot of money but most importantly that junk is not in my garage anymore and we got to go out to dinner.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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