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I got a surprising amount of feedback from my last blog. Don't get me wrong, I am so happy people are reading my blog I just never have gotten so many people texting, calling and even giving me comments in person. Usually, I get my regulars liking me on facebook or even commenting but never so many reaching out to me. And the majority of "my readers" (also known as my friends) want to know more. More??!!

I have never thought of myself as that funny or interesting but I have come to realize that when I tell "my (our) story" I must write in a very humorous style or I just live a ridiculously amazing life. Probably the latter. And trust me you don't even know the half of it.

So since inquiring minds wanted more here it is....

Since so many of you are reading Empty nesters finally I promise to be more specific and hope that you enjoy it even more than you say you already do.

So I bought Brad some exercise clothes he wanted for Valentines Day and I got a beaded bracelet I had been wanting.

Happy Emptynesting!

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