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Yesterday was an incredible day for so many reasons. The first was that it started on Friday when Brad brought me 2 bouquets of beautiful flowers. When I asked him why so many he said the second bouquet was going in the "bank". Brad thinks that he has a "bank" where he can do really nice things (i.e. bring flowers) when I am not angry so that when he does something ridiculous he can say remember when I brought you flowers and then all will be fine. Really??!! It doesn't work that way.

Brad said he was going to plan the entire day and I could not change any thing. I thought for a second and then asked if I could have one audible since a day can be very long especially if I have no say in what's going to happen or when. I even promised him another present if I could just have one audible. He thought for a second or two, then with a smile said, "NO" (I use capital letters cause it was a wicked smile).

I would be lying if I told you I wasn't a little nervous when I saw the schedule (making a schedule -definitely a plus) but there was no meals the whole day!! Brad so knows how important my food schedule is so I was surprised but then he said he didn't put any meals down on my copy of the day's plans to freak me out. It worked.

I wanted him to know how happy I was that he had planned the whole day and that I was going to relax and enjoy everything. Except, I looked at my watch and the schedule and realized we were already 1 hour behind. At that point, I think he put vodka in my coffee!!

We had a great day, we did eat throughout the entire day and I even bought him another present. So it was a win-win for everyone.


Happy Valentine's Day plus a day to my One and Only.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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