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Brad loves Vacation Karen. He says he loves Cooper City Karen the same as Vacation Karen, but I know better. Since we have become empty nesters, we get to travel more and that is definitely one of the bonuses of reaching this point in our lives

Since we became empty nesters, I get to tag along on Brad's business trips, which I love. Friends want to know what I do when he is working and I always answer its not what I do, its what I don't do. I love having so much free time to myself in a different city where I am not taking another tour of a professional ball park.

Sometimes we travel with friends who if you question, probably think Vacation Karen is more fun than Cooper City Karen too. Mostly though, we travel by ourselves. Which is great but it is a lot of together time, which is wonderful - 95% of the time.

Much to Brad's dismay, I usually have one melt down per vacation. Mostly because we are so busy doing something that we don't eat on a regular schedule and I definitely need to eat 3 meals and snacks on regular intervals or I can get hangry. Now, I am not blaming Brad for the 2011 Napa Valley meltdown but now Brad got smart and he put an alarm on his phone to go off so that we remember to eat at regular times or so he says.

I love Vacation Karen too. I take more risks than I usually do. In fact I made a promise to Brad and the boys that I would do one thing out of my comfort zone every trip (never thinking they would hold me to it - that's a whole other blog though). Brad and I also spend money on things we never would at home. Thankfully, usually one of us gets back to reality before we make a ridiculous purchase such as when Brad wanted a totem pole. A 12 foot totem pole. He was totally convinced it would look so great in our backyard. Of course, I thought it was crazy and luckily when he saw the price he agreed. But when I did see a 2 ft totem pole, I did buy it for him. That was my risk for the trip!!!

And for those wondering, Vacation Brad is pretty much the same as Cooper City Brad!!!

Happy Empty Nesting.

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